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Free access to Social Justice flows and documents

Our Mission

We believe in enabling people to resolve their own legal problems in their own homes and communities without using a lawyer using simple and affordable technology. Our app can guide you on your mobile phone through automated legal processes and legal documents using minimal data, making the law more affordable and accessible to people.


Offering free and subsidised legal assistance to people in need.


Using technology on a mobile phone to extend the reach of law and enabling greater access to justice.


Our AI-driven legal guides hold your hand through legal processes, documents and compliance.


Taking quality legal advice that people can trust into their homes and communities, allowing people to help themselves.
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How it works?


Find your LegalFlow, document or product or let Maya guide you
We have a range of legal solutions to suit your specific needs. Find free and paid, pay-per-use and subscriptions, as well as industry specific packages.


Register and sign in.
We like you to register and sign in so that we can get to know you, send you updates on our LegalFlow releases and developments as well as special offers.


Follow the prompts and be guided step-by-step through a legal process.
We provide step by step guides to the law and business procedures, what you need to do, what documents you need completed; all without an attorney.


Solve, submit and resolve.
If we aren’t able to help you solve your legal query, we will put you in contact with one of our legal expert partners. Reaching out to lawyers submitting a case.


Social Justice

Free forever always!


All our Social Justice legal flows and documents are FREE and access is forever open to anyone and everyone. For now, our legal flows focus on South African law but our future dream is to reach beyond. As we grow and get to know the needs in communities, we will build more legal flows and add to our document library.

Startup Foundations


Do you know what legal hoops you have to jump through to start a new business? If you are starting up you can find all the documents you need in our Startup Foundation package. We will help you to complete and submit the documents online. Once you are set up we can help you move to the next Startup Growth phase. Our aim is to support small business development as part of our commitment to social justice so our Startup Foundation package is part-subsidised making it affordable and accessible to everyone.
Corporate Governance Compliance
Director relationship documentation
Product Development documentation
License Agreements
COVID19 Management
Coming Soon

Startup Growth


If your business is set up and you are growing, you will find there are additional legal requirements. You can find all the documents you need in our Startup Growth package. We will help you to complete and submit all the documents online. As you grow we can help you move to our next SME phase, where you will be a fully operational business.
Startup Foundations
Capital Raise Documentation
Employee Discipline Management
Website Data and Security Management
Small Business legal flows
Coming Soon



If you are a fully operational business you will be faced with new legal requirements aligned to your expanding workforce, supply chains and funders. For example, as you employ more people you will need employment policies in place. You can find all the documents you need in our SME package. We will help you to complete and submit all the documents online ensuring that you always stay compliant and one step ahead of your competitors.
Startup Growth
Policy access and management
Employee Grievance & Discipline Management
Advanced Corporate Governance
Advanced Business legal flows
Coming Soon



Corporate policies and procedures are not necessarily known, understood or properly applied by your middle and junior managers or companies within your supply chain. Our Corporate package will integrate your policies and procedures into our technology distribute them through a bespoke online portal and app, making them immediately accessible, and ensuring compliance across your supply chain.
Bespoke Solutions
Custom environment
Priority Support
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Ready to try the LegalFlow?

We are looking to partner with like-minded people, businesses and organisations to support greater access to justice for people living in South Africa and beyond its borders using our LegalFundi platform.

We believe in making a difference and love to contribute to legal support in communities. If you would like to be part of the LegalFundi project supporting our access to justice cause, we would really like to meet you. Find us by following the link below and we’ll be in touch to see how we can work together.
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