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Legal processes automated to empower people and businesses

LegalFundi provides free, paid and customised online & automated legal processes for individuals and businesses, providing a step by step guide to the law and business procedures, what you need to do, what documents you need, and completing these without an attorney.


Our Mission

Millions of South Africans do not have access to justice, because of cost, distance, and lack of guidance and understanding of legal processes.

LegalFundi has recognised the positive role technology can have in reaching, educating and empowering people to use the law.

LegalFundi provides an online platform which automates legal processes, allowing people to manage legal problems without using an attorney. The legal flows provide an interactive step by step guide to legal procedures making it easy to understand what actions to take, and what documents to complete and submit without using an attorney. It also offers to customise business policies and procedures for managers and employees.
Providing legal assistance to South Africans in need.
Utilising new age technology to empower our users. Making it more accessible than ever to acquire legal guidance.
Our step-by-step guides hold your hand through legal processes.
Offering free and paid options means anyone can access high quality legal guidance.

How it works?


Find your flow on

Having a legal problem? We are here to help. We offer legal flows to guide you through legal processes linked to social justice and SMMEs, and can customise your business policies and procedures.

Click start and be guided step-by-step through the process

The LegalFundi team will guide you through each legal process, and completing the relevant documents.


Follow the prompts while completing tasks

Each step will prompt you to complete a task that will guide you to a resolution of your problem. 

Access, submit and solve will help you access and fill out the necessary documents needed to resolve your problem. Sit back relax and let us do the heavy lifting.
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How can we help?

Choose the Pillar

Social Justice

The Social Justice pillar includes a list of legal flows dealing with various social justice legal problems that individuals often have to deal with.
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Business (SMMEs)

(Reduced License fee)
These legal flows provide step by step guides to support small and medium businesses
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Customised Legal Flows

Large companies can have their policies and procedures converted to automated and online legal flows to support implementation in their workplace.
Coming Soon

Ready to try the Flow?

We have created a demo flow walking you through the process of filing a case for unfair dismissal in the CCMA. This is our Pre-Alpha phase so get excited for many more flows and features coming soon.
Referring a dispute to the CCMA for conciliation and arbitration

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