Can I make suggestions for other LegalFlows?

Yes, please do! 

We welcome all suggestions for new LegalFlows and documents. People experience all kinds of legal problems and we want to know what these are so we can add to our list. You can click on Maya in our chatbot and she will guide you to making your suggestion; alternatively, follow this link where you will be asked a series of questions which will help us determine the underlying issues which you are looking to address.

We collate and develop these on a month-to-month basis as we see specific needs arising within specific communities and businesses.  Our intention is to create a space where our community and clients are able to be the determinants of the products which get released to them; we don't profess to know the needs of the various sub-sectors of our society and hope that through combining our expertise of the law and underlying technologies, with the voice of our communities, that we can develop a product which solves the most pressing needs of our beautiful continent.



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