How much does LegalFundi cost?

First off, all of our Social Justice LegalFlows and documents are free and shall forever be. 

We offer various subscriptions for Startups and SMEs which can be found here:

We offer pay-per-use products, purchased as individual items, which can be found here: 

Our bespoke corporate offering is dependent on the needs and requirements of specific organisations with whom we partner. We intend for this to be a relationship steeped in mutual-benefit for us, for you and for your entire value chain! If this is of interest, please get in touch with us here.
Whilst our Startup and SME LegalFlows and documents are available at a small cost, we believe that we have done everything within our power to bring their costs down as low as possible all for the benefit of our clients and supporters. Additionally, we’ve tried to make our product range as specific to the varying needs of organisations as they go through various stages in their growth cycle. If you have any ideas for us or some suggestions on how we can make this a more tailored experience, please get in touch with us using our ‘suggest a feature’.



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