What is Legal Fundi and how does it work?

LegalFundi’s mission is to provide support to people and small businesses who cannot access or afford legal assistance if they have a legal problem or query.  This, unfortunately, applies to the majority of South Africans and we aim to be at the forefront of helping to change this.  

LegalFundi has used artificial intelligence (AI) to develop an application, accessible on mobile phone or laptop, that automates legal processes (called LegalFlows), documents and business compliance requirements to help individuals and small businesses deal with legal problems without spending time and money going to a lawyer. The App guides you step-by-step through a legal process or document, explaining what the law requires and what you need to do.   
While LegalFundi may have the technology to make the law more accessible, we don’t pretend to know all the legal concerns that are commonly experienced by people on the ground.  We rely on you to tell us so that our team can respond with relevant  LegalFlows and documents.  Please let us know what you think our next developments should be by VOTING here.



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