What languages can I get help in?

At the moment all our LegalFundi LegalFlows are in English. Once we know what the language needs are amongst our users, we will look to translate the LegalFlows into other languages. We say ‘once we know’ but in actuality, we’ve begun incorporating various languages into our natural language processing (NLP) technologies which will allow us to seamlessly adapt our communication and documents aligned to the individual user. 

This statement was made by Judge President J Hlophe: “The importance of language rights is grounded in the essential role that language plays in human existence, development and dignity. It is through language that we are able to form concepts; to structure and order the world around us. Language bridges the gap between isolation and  community, allowing humans to delineate the rights and duties they hold in respect of one another; and thus to live in society.” We aim to be a fundamental cog in bringing about this transition. 

In essence, the more utilisation of our solution that we get from you and broader South Africa, the quicker we will be able to roll out this feature and reach those within our country who may not understand English as proficiently as others, those who may be more comfortable in engaging with legal content in their mother-tongue, or ensuring that all parties to an agreement understand it’s content as intricately as possible.  
If you represent a translation service and would like to support or be a part of our journey, reach out to us at info@legalfundi.com and we’ll be sure to see how best we can make the law more accessible to the currently marginalised sectors within our society.



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