What benefits does UIF pay?

UIF pays unemployment benefits, illness benefits, maternity benefits, dependent's benefits and adoption benefits.

Unemployment benefits

An employee who is a UIF contributor and has been dismissed, retrenched or if their contract expired, will qualify to claim unemployment benefits.

The employer must state the correct reasons for termination of the contract.

If an employee resigns, they forfeit the benefit. 

 Illness benefits

Contributors can claim illness benefits if they have been sick for 14 consecutive days.

To qualify, the employee must be receiving less than their normal remuneration while they are on sick leave.

The employee will be paid on a sliding scale between 38% and 60%.

Maternity benefits

Maternity benefits will be paid at a 66% fixed rate for 4 months.

  • The total amount received by the employee should not exceed 100% of the normal remuneration that the person would have received if she remained in employment. 
  • Maternity benefits will be paid for a maximum of 121 days (or 17.32 weeks)

Dependant’s benefits

  • The surviving spouse/life partner must apply for benefits within eighteen months from the date of death of the contributor.

Adoption benefits

A person who legally adopts a child less than 2 years old and who leaves work to look after the child, can claim adoption benefits from the UIF.  They must do this within 6 months of the adoption order being issued.

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