Startup Growth

As you start to grow your business, or if your business is already at this point, you can use our Startup Growth package to help progress along your journey. This package includes our Startup Foundation offering which you could find useful, as well as other legal documents such as employee management policies and website and data management.

You also have full access to the LegalFundi Small Business legal flows. We want to hold your hand as you grow towards being a fully operational business, or if you are already there, you can use our SME package which provides you with all the necessary policies, procedures and regulatory requirements that you need.

This package includes:

  • Shareholder Agreement: For-Profit (PTY) (Extensive)
  • Shareholder Loan Agreement
  • Board: Notice of meeting
  • Board: Resolution
  • SAFE Note Agreement
  • Convertible Note Agreement
  • Employment Contract: For-Profit (Extensive)
  • Letter of termination
  • Website design and development agreement
  • Software development agreement
  • Software licensing agreement
  • Letter of Demand
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Supply Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement
  • App Development Proposal
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Terms of use & IP Protection
  • POPI Compliance
  • Pre-release software terms of use

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