Find a Lawyer

Legal Fundi's aim is greater access to the law and justice for all. We use our technology to encourage and empower people to deal with their own legal problems without having to use a lawyer and at no cost. Our free chatbots help people to identify their legal problems and follow step-by-step guides to dealing with them.

But we also understand that people may need a ‘warm legal body’ beyond our technology. Where people ask for this, we facilitate the provision of free legal support for poor and indigent people by pro bono lawyers and paralegals. We also facilitate access for people who are able to afford paid legal services to lawyers within our network.

What we do:
Legal Fundi screens and matches people to vetted lawyers or paralegals located near them and in this way we bring a more human approach to finding the right match for you.

If you have used our chatbots and would still like access to a lawyer or paralegal please use our Maya our chatbot advisor to guide you.
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