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2. Making a Complaint to the Public Protector

Mrs Jansen applied for her Older Person’s Grant 8 months ago. She has still not received a penny of this grant. She finds out that there are some people who never have to wait for their grants. When she asks the SASSA officer for reasons for the delay he says he doesn’t know what the reasons are for the delay. Even when she asks him to investigate he says he doesn’t have the time. She feels helpless and decides to take action because she is desperate for the pension payments.

What Are Her Rights?

The public protector has a duty to investigate state officials and bodies if, by their conduct, people believe they are not doing their jobs properly or abusing their powers in any way. Mrs Jansen has a right to have access to information (S 32) held by the state that will help her exercise her rights. She also has the right to just administrative action (S 33) and to be given reasons why her grant has taken so long to arrive.

What Can You Do?

You can help Mrs Jansen make a complaint to the public protector.

(See: Making a Complaint to the Public Protector)