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Checklist for Divorce

  1. Do you want to separate from your partner or do you want to divorce your partner?
  2. What are your reasons for wanting a divorce?
  3. Do you have any children with your partner?
  4. Does your partner agree to the divorce?
  5. Can you afford to pay for an attorney to deal with your divorce?
  6. Do you want to apply for legal aid to pay for an attorney?
    (See: Applying for legal aid)
  7. Has your husband treated you or your children cruelly or violently while you were married?
  8. If the children are being maltreated, have you reported the case to Child Welfare or the police?
  9. Does the father pay any maintenance for the children?
  10. What are the respective contributions of the parties and do you want to apply for forfeiture of benefits or a redistribution of assets?
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