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Checklist: Mediation Code of Conduct for Paralegals

This is a checklist of rules and procedures which you can get each side to agree on before you start to run a mediation session:

  • Trust and respect for the chairperson (who will be the mediator) and the mediating team (if there is more than one person)
  • Should there be translation and who should do it?
  • Is the venue secure and neutral?
  • Do the chairs and tables have to be re-arranged?
  • Size and leadership of delegations.
  • Should observers be allowed?
  • Agree to behave in a polite and disciplined manner.
  • No interrupting of other speakers.
  • No verbal abuse and shouting.
  • No physical intimidation (for example, pointing) and violence.
  • No presence and carrying of weapons.
  • Should smoking, drinking and eating be allowed?
  • No distracting behaviour, for example, caucusing while the other side is speaking.
  • How long should the sessions be?
  • Equal time for each side to speak and who should speak first.
  • Opportunity to caucus and consult when necessary.
  • How should the mediation be minuted?
  • What parts of the discussion should be confidential?
  • How should the agreement be reported back to members?
  • Should the outcome of the mediation be publicised and how?