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Enforcing a Small Claims Court Judgement

If the defendant fails to pay the claim in terms of the court order, you will have to transfer your claim to the ordinary civil courts.

You can get a document called a Writ of Execution against Moveable Property at a stationery shop. The clerk of the Small Claims Court Administration may help you

to complete the document. You must then take this document to the sheriff (as you did with the summons).

The Writ gives the sheriff the right to seize any attachable property belonging to the defendant. The sheriff will charge a fee for doing this.

Note: It is expensive to try and enforce the small-claims judgment in the ordinary civil courts (especially if the defendant has disappeared, or does not own any property that can be attached). You need to decide whether it is worth your time, money and effort to continue trying to enforce the judgment in the civil courts.

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