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Introduction to Labour Law

This chapter covers laws in South Africa which directly affect the working conditions of employees as well as disputes in the workplace and ways of resolving these.

We focus on the following laws that affect employers and employees.

Laws about terms and conditions of employment:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act (No 75 of 1997) (BCEA)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (No 85 of 1993) (OHSA)

Disputes and ways of settling disputes:

  • Labour Relations Act (No 66 of 1995) (LRA)
  • Employment Equity Act (No 55 of 1998) (EEA)

Employee social welfare and benefits

  • Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act (No 63 of 2001)
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (No 130 of 1993) (COIDA)
  • Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998)
  • Skills Development Levies Act (No 9 of 1999)
  • Medical Schemes Act (No 131 of 1998)
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