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The Pension Funds Adjudicator

The law says you must first send your complaint in writing to the pension fund or to the employer. The pension fund or employer then has 30 days to reply to the complaint. If they don’t reply, or if you are not satisfied with the reply, then you can send an official complaint to the Pension funds adjudicator. Include your letter to the pension fund or employer, and their reply. After you have made a complaint to the Pension Funds Adjudicator, the adjudicator gives the pension fund 30 days to reply. Once the Adjudicator has received the pension fund’s reply, they will look at the facts and decide who is right.

The Pension funds adjudicator does not deal with government pension funds. If a person who works for the government has got a complaint about a government pension then they must send their complaint to the Public Protector.

(See: Problem 2: Making a Complaint to the Public Protector)

There is no charge to make a complaint with the Pension Funds Adjudicator.

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