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When Does the Foster Care Grant Stop or Lapse?

A Foster Care Grant will stop:

  • If the foster child or both foster parents pass away
  • If the child is no longer in the custody of the foster parent
  • When the child turns 18, the grant will stop in the last month of that year. If the child is still attending school over the age of 18 the foster placement can be extended until age 21
  • When the court order expires
  • When the child leaves school at school leaving age

The beneficiaries must inform SASSA of any changes in the foster parent/s’ or foster child/ren’s circumstances.

If a child is severely disabled, the foster parent can get a Care Dependency Grant as well as a Foster Child Grant.

NOTE: The Children’s Amendment Act deals with foster care.

(See: The Children’s Act and Children’s Amendment Act)

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