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When May a Woman Have an Abortion?

The Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act says a woman can get a termination of her pregnancy:

  • In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
    • if she asks for one during this period
  • From week 13 up to and including week 20, if a doctor after consulting with the pregnant woman thinks that:
    • the continued pregnancy would seriously affect the social or economic circumstances of the woman
    • the continued pregnancy would pose a risk of injury to woman’s bodily health or her mental health
    • there is serious risk that the foetus would suffer from severe mental or physical abnormalities
    • the woman is pregnant from rape or incest
  • After the 20th week, if a doctor after consultation with another doctor or a registered midwife thinks that:
    • the woman’s life is in danger
    • the foetus would be severely malformed
    • there is a risk of injury to the foetus
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