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1. Application for Grant Turned Down

“My application for a grant was turned down. But I am sure that I do qualify for a grant.’

If your application was refused, you should get a letter from SASSA, giving reasons why you were turned down. If you feel your application was turned down unfairly, you can appeal against the decision. This means you can ask someone higher up

to look at your application again. In order to appeal you must write a letter to the Minister of Social Development. The letter must explain when and where your application was turned down, why it was turned down, and why you don’t agree

with the decision. In other words, you must give reasons why you think you qualify for a grant. You must state that this is your appeal. Other requirements include:

  • The appeal must be in writing
  • The appeal must be sent to the Minister of Social Development
  • The appeal must be sent within 90 days of receiving the letter of rejection (notification); if the time limit has passed, you will have to reapply for a grant, and then when it is turned down, you can appeal within 90 days.

(See: Stage 3: Appeals Process)

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