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Problems With Social Grants

There are many problems that people have when they apply for grants. There are also problems that people have relating to the payment of grants or lapsing of grants. These are some of the problems, and some things you can do about them

The Promotion of Administrative justice Act (No 3 of 2000) (also called the PAJA) is an important Act that says everybody has a right to administrative justice that is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair.

All government departments and their officials and private people who exercise public powers or perform public functions have to comply with the PAJA.

‘Procedural fairness’ means:

  • An administrator should not make a decision that affects someone without First hearing what they have to say
  • An administrator must be seen by everyone to be making a decision fairly And impartially (without any bias) and not because they have a private or personal interest in the matter.

An administrative action is a decision that affects the rights of:

  • Individual people, for example, a decision to refuse an application for A child grant
  • The general public – for example, a decision to change the age for being eligible for a child grant

There are different procedures that an administrator has to follow in each of

these cases and different actions that can be taken if an official doesn’t follow the requirements and procedures of the PAJA.

(See: Section 33: Just Administrative Action)

The PAJA has important implications for people applying for grants. You can use this Act to help people in different situations where they have problems being paid their grants.

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