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We all need legal advice at times in our lives. How can you get to know and understand what the law says? We've got the answer. Ask Maya our AI Assistant who will guide you through your legal problem.

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LegalFundi uses technology to make the law more understandable, affordable, and accessible for people. Our AI Assistant, Maya, will guide you at no cost, through your legal problem, explaining what the law says and the legal steps to follow. All information provided by Maya is based on the Paralegal Manual.

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It is a very smart way of doing law. Easy, accessible and quick. I think it will be vital for the advice sector cases can be resolved in no time


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This tool will be really useful to the person on the street. It will take you days to look for this information on Google especially if you don’t understand the law well. This tool makes it much simpler.

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Legal Fundi supports achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals using technology to provide a free and interactive App to bring the law to people and simplify legal processes.
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We acknowledge the publishers of the Paralegal Manual (2016 version) the Education and Training Unit and the Black Sash, 
which has been used as the basis for the information contained under "Legal Information".