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Listening Skills in a Community Advice Centre

It is important to listen properly to your client when she or he is telling you about a problem. There are different ways of showing your client that you are listening carefully.

  • Use your body to say ‘I’m listening’:
    • use eye contact and look at your client
    • nod your head
    • say ‘yes’, ‘I see’, and so on
  • Let your client tell their whole story first while you just listen. Summarise the main points of what your client said in your own words to make sure that you have got the story right.
  • Show the client that you are sympathetic about his or her problem. The more sympathetic you are towards your client, the more your client will trust you and confide in you.
  • Don’t be impatient with your client while she or he is telling you about a problem. If you listen carefully to your client, you will know what help she or he is looking for.