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Model Letter Showing Layout of a Letter Written on Behalf of an Advice-Seeker


(your address:)

Room 9, Avocado Centre

(your telephone number:)

Telephone: (0555) 2345289
15 June 2015

(some offices give every letter its own reference number:)

Our Ref: 135/98

The Manager
Tex Stores (Pty) Ltd

(the name or title of the person who must read the letter)

PO Box 1053

(the address you are writing to – then you have this on your copy of the letter)

Dear Madam / Sir

(the main thing that the letter is about –

usually the client’s name and the type of problem:)



We are writing to you on behalf of Ms Gerda Fortuin. She was employed by you as a checker at your Upington branch from 20/02/96 until 30/04/15. She resigned after giving the necessary notice. Her wage was R810 per week.

(give information to identify the client:)

Ms Fortuin’s work number was 315. Her identity number is 4209050920088.

(what the problem is – setting out the details:)

Ms Fortuin says that when she received her final pay packet she was not paid out for leave owing to her. She last took leave in September 2014.

(what the law says and applying the law to the facts:)

In terms of the Wage Determination for the Commercial and Distributive Trade an employee may receive leave pay calculated according to the following formula:

(put in the formula and your calculations)

Ms Fortuin is therefore owed 7 months pro-rata leave pay.

(what the person you are writing to must do about it:)

Ms Fortuin requests that you forward the leave pay that is owing to her to the above address within 14 days of receipt of this letter. Please contact our office if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Yours faithfully

(sign your letter)


Mr P. Philander ADVISER