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Making Media in an Advice Centre

Making media includes, creating posters, pamphlets, drama shows with the purpose of communicating a message to people. It is important to know what your aim is when you decide to use media. For example, if you are planning a pamphlet or a poster you must think about:

  • the aim of the pamphlet or poster
  • who the pamphlet or poster is for (the target group)
  • what you want to say (the content)

The design of the pamphlet or poster is also very important. Remember these things:

  • Make the language easy to read.
  • Use different kinds of headings such as underlining, boxes, capitals. Most computers can be used to make attractive pamphlets by changing the font size for different headings.
  • Arrange the writing in different ways.
  • Use pictures.
  • Don’t make the design too cluttered so that it becomes confusing or unreadable.